Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Mexi-Trash Trailers to watch Over & Over: Action! Laughs! Women!

The trailers are back and they're not going anywhere whatsoever. Here's 10 that I been holding off for a while now! I got more to go, but I'll save those for another time. Enjoy!

Apuesta Contra La Muerte (1989)

Seen this on De Pelicula a couple years back. Not bad, but not great. The trailer makes it look great though.

Grupo Tactico Especial (1993)
This movie looks awesome. Need to see!

Pasajero Sin Destino (199-)
Seen this one and its kinda slow. The story is interesting though.

El Angel Guardian Del Barrio (1993)
Sergio Goyri is a brutal guardian angel for a rough neighborhood. Perfect.

Operacion Jaguar (1990)
This one looks a lot of fun and those jungle girls are hot too! Ah!

Los Gatos De Las Azoteas (1988)
Luis De Alba wearing weird shirts and banging attractive women. He's lived a great life.

Los Cuates Del Pirruris (1990)
Luis De Alba wears cheap wigs, weird costumes and caresses Felicia Mercado. What a great life he's lived.

Las Borrachas (1989)
Drunken art at its finest.

El Fiscal Del Hierro 3 (1992)
I only seen the first movie, but man do these sequels look cool! Especially part 3. Epic stuff right here.

Los Verduleros 3 (1992)
This trailer pretty much gives away the ending of the movie. Then again, it was like watching the entire movie but rolled up in a 3 minute clip.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Them Trashy Mexi Trailers are coming back.

So a couple weeks or so, I posted something where I said I wasn't going to upload anymore video material after the YouTube went down unexpectedly, but after some thinking and relaxing, I decided to start over again on Vimeo. So, trailers will resume there along with certain movie clips. Nothing will stop me from keeping it going. Nothing at all.

So, here's a couple of things I ripped from a DVD filled with trailers. I'll be ripping out the rest during the weekend and by Monday the 27th all these trailers from that DVD will be on the Vimeo page for your enjoyment. Plenty of trailers, too. Some that were on YouTube and some that never made it there. So this is exciting. Very.

Anyway, Enjoy! See ya Monday!